Elite barbarians

August 30, 2017

Well in the past post I told you I haven’t met a lot of ebarbs, but now it seems things have changed, just in my last 6 games 5 have been against elite barbs, most of them overleveled, as usual, I removed the bomber because I haven’t been facing a lot of ebarbs, maybe 1 every 5 games, but now come on, I reached arena 11 and after that things went bad, I mean my win rate against ebarbs only in the last games is 20% only 1 out of five games I am able to beat them, I don’t think I am a bad player but, everytime this card is in the battlefield I have to use 2 or 3 cards only to avoid getting them to the tower, and that goes my elixir.

Here are my last 6 games, I could only win 1 against ebarbs, and thats because they weren’t overleveled.