Meta week 33

August 19, 2017

This past month I have been losing a lot of trophies, I was in 3900+ but now I am in 3500+, I feel I have lost a lot of games and that is true, sadly, but let’s talk about the meta, the name of this page suggest it is all about the meta, of course I have seen a lot of hog riders and surprisingly a lot of bandits which I think is nice because there are always the same cards on the meta, I like to see new cards slipping into the meta.

part of my big loss of trophies is caused by the elite barbs I know they are not good enough to be part of the tournaments meta but here we are talking about ladder, and the elite barbs are in every one or two games I play, that is why I changed my bandit for the bomber and my log for the tornado, anyway I feel I am winning more now lets see how the next week goes.