Meta Week 34

August 27, 2017

During this week, I felt a little change in the meta, I haven’t seen a lot of elite barbs even less maxed out ones, because of this I changed my deck a little, I changed only one card, I replaced the bomber with the bandit and it has paid well, I increase my trophies to 3700+, I was between 3500-3700, also the decrease in elite barbs has helped me a lot since I don’t have any cheap unit/swarm card.

I have been facing a lot of PEKKA, lava hound, spell bait decks, I think this is the meta right now, also a lot of three musketeers decks but not a lot, not compared to PEKKA decks, against PEKKA my deck has a win rate of 50% which depends a lot of how my initial draft is. Against lava hound I have a win rate of 40% I don’t know I think I am just bad against air since I have a lot of range cards, the mega minion always stays alive :(. what I found interesting is the golem it is slipping into the meta, I start to see a little bit of Golem decks, specially the one with the night witch and the baby dragon.

That is my analysis of this week, hope you enjoy it.