Meta Week 35

September 5, 2017

this week’s meta has been dominated by the princess and the hog rider, of course I have seen a lot of over leveled elite barbs, but thats for another post, the most repeated deck I have played with is the one with the princess, rocket and knight, that is a pain in the ass to play against most of the time I just go for a draw since those decks can’t do a lot of damage they only have the rocket and the princess to get to the tower, some people have gobling gang some others don’t.

the hog rider, it is still strong i think i have face it every 2-3 games, it is like zap it seems to be in every game, but the most played right now are the cheap cycle decks, with a hog rider, their goal is just to put the hog rider as soon as they have it, there are some variations but almost all of them include skeletons and ice spirit, so they can cycle really fast, I almost always lose with the variant that includes the inferno tower since I can’t use lightning to destroy it because I spend all my elixir and the hog rider always gets to the tower, so in these games I just try to draw, but for my current deck it is harder than the one with the princess.