Meta Week 36

September 11, 2017
hog rider cheap decks mega knight

Past week’s meta was a little hard for me, I think everyone wanted to gain some trophies before the reset, or the ladder got reseted I don’t know but last week I was losing all the time, I know i am not the best player in the world but, I faced a lot of overleveled commons most of the time one or 2 cards maxed out, everyone seem to have lvl 10 rares, my highest rare is 8, and that changes a lot of my interactions, I have a wizard that can’t one-shot minions, they fireball my wizard and boom, I am with an elixir disadvantage of 1 and with some damage to the tower.

But this wont become a rant about ebarbs again, this past week meta was similar to the last one, a lot of hog cycle decks, a few princess/log bait decks, I do have faced different decks and that makes me happy it becomes boring to face the same deck over and over again, I have also seen a few mega knights and a lot of them lvl 1 so that means that people that got it is using it, they did not bought that card or it would be at least lvl 2, that seems a good adoption rate since every card that gets released is not used so much at the beginning except the night witch, fuckin witch, good thing it got nerfed, anyway I think the meta this week was dominated mostly by cheap decks.

those were my impressions, feel free to comment on the facebook page

Meta Week 37

September 17, 2017
goblin barrel rocket mega knight