Meta Week 37

September 17, 2017
goblin barrel rocket mega knight

This past week I felt there was no dominant meta in Clash royale, it might be that I just got stuck between 3600-3700 trophies and every guy in there is using a different deck, but thats nice because I got like a 50% win rate, not like other weeks were i win/lose 300+ trophies in one weekend, and it becomes kind of predictable, therefore it becomes boring, I mean it is frustrating to lose 10 games in a row so the people stops playing because their decks get fucked up by the dominant meta deck and the ladder gets flooded by people that have those cards.

Despite all this i did notice a few things for the first time in weeks i didn’t see any royal giant, not even one and i find that weird because it is a common card, there hasn’t been any update the past week, and overleveled common win conditions are everywhere on the ladder, i found that refreshing because i hate overleveled royal giants/elite barbs, the bad news is that I did see the same amount of elite barbs of last week, but one step at a time, another thing i notice was a decrease in mega knight usage rate, since it had a very aggressive usage rate last week, this week its usage rate seems to be going into a more normal rate, at least until they buff or nerf it, one last peculiarity i notice was the use of rocket and goblin barrel,since goblin barrel had been in almost every deck in the past month, now it seems that the combo rocket-goblin barrel is getting used a lot more, I mean it got me the first 2-3 times but now it becomes predictable, I don’t know if people saw it on a famous youtuber video or something but it is at least interesting to see that throwing the rocket and globlin barrel at the same time makes the globlins invisible, and it seems like a coincidence that a lot of people started doing that exact tactic. one thing to notice is that this combo costs 9 elixir and since epics are harder to level up, you probably have a log/zap that can kill those fuckers in one shot, and you counter push the other side since your enemy wont have elixir enough to defend

EDIT: i found a video that has a lot of views about the hidden goblin barrel thingy, i don’t know what is the root of this play but it is interesting to see a lot of people trying it out, maybe it worked for them at the beginning, but now i think everyone has faced it at least once

Meta Week 36

September 11, 2017
hog rider cheap decks mega knight