Meta Week 51

December 19, 2017
princess knight

As this is the penultimate week in the year, i want to wish you all happy hollidays and i hope you had a nice year with a lot of trophies in your clash royale account, I been missing for a while, sorry about that, but i had lots work to do, i do have an 8-5 job

The meta this past weeks i have been missing i found out that a lot of people is using that cheap graveyard splash combo, of that i find the princess the most annoying but the only thing i have to do is to build as much units as i have behind the giant in the double elixir time, i don’t have an exceptional win rate against this type of decks but, i think i have almost 60% win rate, lately i started to see more executioners i don’t know why but i haven’t seen a lot in a while, but now people is starting to using it again, also a lot of knights, i think people is using it because it is a cheap card and it is a good trade against any land units, it only costs 3 elixir and it can easily kill a wizzard or an electric wizard, also i have seen a decrease in the usage rate of the mega knight, this i don’t know why, maybe it lost its novelty factor, don’t know

i did have to change my deck a little since i was getting wrecked by elite barbs + rage combo, bellow is my current deck, feel free to try it, since this one got me to 4000+ trophies, keep in mind that although i have almost all my rares at level 9 now, i just needed to upgrade my giant to level 9 in order to get to legendary arena