Reddit Blind Deck Challenge

April 5, 2018
challenge reddit blind

Reddit blind deck challenge

When is the event?

The event will start today at midnight specifically april 6 at 00:00 hours, it is tied to your timezone so it will start when april 6 starts in your region.

What is Reddit blind deck challenge?

The community at reddit posted a lot of decks (over 4000) and the community itself voted for the best decks to include in this challenge, the best 8 decks were selected and those are the decks that you will randomly get when you start the challenge

The challenge consists of a random deck from the pool of 8 and you have to play this decks against other player with a random deck from the same pool, you can both have the same deck.

This is a friendly challenge so in order to get the respective prices, you only have to win n amount of times, the losses don’t matter so you can lose any times you want and you will still be able to get all the rewards

I don’t see these decks as the current meta but they are somewhat competitive and a lot of them have the magic archer, i think they are very balanced and you will sure have fun and frustration sometimes.

Which are the decks i will get?

These are the 8 decks that won

Dank magical ram

Magic double prince

Magical miner poison



Ghostly bridge spam

Woodland warriors

Balloon parade