What meta means in clash royale

April 18, 2018
meta meaning

What does meta mean in clash royale?

There is a word that a lot clash royale players like to use, and that is “meta”, and that is a somewhat diffuse concept, first the meta is not a concrete thing it is more like a living thing, and some people don’t even use it right, but i will try to explain what the meta is, in english meta means an abstraction above an abstraction.

The meta or meta is the way the game is played at certain point in time, it is what the majority of people is using in its decks and the predominant playstyle trough all the game, the meta is always changing, it is not a static thing it is constantly evolving, for example if people starts to use high cost elixir cards like P.E.K.K.A and Golem, it is said that the meta is shifting towards heavy decks or high cost decks, there are some instances where a deck becomes so popular that a lot of people is using the exact same deck or with some minor variation, for example last year there was an increased popularity of decks with giant and poison and some other cards, some people use the bowler others the executioner, the wizard etc. but the main cards in those decks where giant + poison so it was said that the meta is all about the Goison.

There are times where a new card is released, that some cards are so imbalanced that they are too good to be in the game and that shifts the whole meta in a matter of days or hours, since that new card is so powerful everybody wants to have and level up the card, and almost everyone start to use these cards because even if you don’t like it if you don’t have it on your deck you will probably lose, that advantage is more noticeable in common cards, I remember when the elite barbarians came out, everybody tried to max out those cards, and you saw on your clan card requests that half of those where to level up those ebarbs, and the play rate of that particular card was insanely high, they nerfed the ebarbs, but people had that card so leveled up that even with the nerf the advantage was still there and didn’t change much about the play rate, and that’s when they nerfed them a lot, they are now a bad card by tournament standard but since in ladder you don’t have level limit (except max) people are still using this card with a high play rate, not excessively high as months back but people still use this card a lot.